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S3E23: Conversion is Our Goal / Come into the Fold of God

This week come listen to one of our husband and wife duo's Kevin & Shelbi Stanfill where they discuss two talks, Conversion is Our Goal by Mark L. Pace and Come Into the Fold of God by Randy D. Funk.…

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S3E22: In Awe of Christ and His Gospel

Join Meg Tilton and Erin Rodabough (both seminary teachers) discuss Elder Ulissess Soares talk, In Awe of Christ and His Gospel. They have fun as they share their insights from this talk and their…

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S3E21: Divine Love in the Father’s Plan

Matthew gets on his soapbox and Michael bears pure testimony in this episode covering Pres. Oaks's powerhouse (and controversial) talk, "Divine Love in the Father's Plan." Pres. Oaks doesn't mince…

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S3E20: The Power of Spiritual Momentum

This week Melissa and Shelbi discuss The Power of Spiritual Momentum by our Prophet President Russell M. Nelson. They share some fun personal experiences about how spiritual momentum has increased in…

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S3E19: To Heal the World (feat. the Words of the Prophets Podcast)

Todd, Rivka, and Burke from the Words of the Prophets podcast join Matthew for a special cross-over episode! Today we're talking about Elder Rasband's talk, "To Heal the World." So much to unpack…

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