S1 · E12 A Good Foundation against the Time to Come - Elder Gary E. Stevenson (Apr 2020)

On this episode, we discuss the talk entitled “A Good Foundation against the Time to Come” by Elder Gary E. Stevenson , an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. We discuss a few incidents in Church history, such as the founding of the Salt Lake City temple and how we can receive revelation in our lives.

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S1 · E11 The Power of the Book of Mormon in Conversion - Elder Benjamin M. Z. Tai (Apr 2020)

On this episode, we discuss Elder Benjamin M Z Tai, of the Seventy’s talk from the 2020 April General Conference ! Topics discussed include: Kevin’s experiences while investigating the Church, the definition of “Doctrine”, and some points from “The Continuous Conversion” by Brad Wilcox.

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S1 · E10 Consider the Goodness and Greatness of God - Elder Dale G. Renlund (Apr 2020)

On this episode, we discuss Elder Dale G. Renlund’s talk from the Saturday afternoon session . Topics we discuss include: remembering God, acknowledging the gifts we receive from God, and relying on God for all things.

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S1 · E9 A Living Witness of the Living Christ - Bishop Gérald Caussé (Apr 2020)

On this episode, we discuss the address given by Bishop G�rald Causs� who is this presiding bishop of the Church. We discuss the need for a Savior, and that focusing on Jesus Christ will lead us to happiness.

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S1 · E8 Come Unto Christ - Elder John A. McCune (Apr 2020)

On this episode of Conference Talk!, we discuss Elder John A. McCune’s talk during the Saturday afternoon session ! We discuss how we have come unto Christ, learned of Him and followed Him. We speak of enduring joy found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, of course, we speak of gathering scattered Israel.

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