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S3E09: Fear Not: Believe Only! (feat. Mellissa DePaola)

Clinical social worker, therapist, and young women's president Mellissa DePaola joins Matthew to discuss Elder Holland's talk, Fear Not: Believe Only! NOTE: If you're having suicidal thoughts, call 1…

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S3E08: Lift Up Your Heart and Rejoice / He Is Risen... (feat. Jennifer Roach)

We have a special guest this week! Jennifer Roach was a pastor until she learned about the Gospel. Listen to her conversion story and discussion on two General Conference talks: Follow Jennifer Roach…

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S3E07: Steady In The Storms

Join James & Chanelle Neilson as they discuss Elder Eyring's talk, Steady In The Storms.

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S3E06: We Each Have A Story Pt.1

Join Shelbi Stanfill and first time guest, Abrianna Rice, discuss Elder Gong's talk: We Each Have Story. Resources: Questions to Ask- Where are you from? What does your name mean? What does their name…

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S3E05: Following Jesus: Being a Peacemaker

Join Kevin and Shelbi Stanfill as they discuss Elder Neil L. Andersen's Following Jesus: Being a Peacemaker References: The Raising Family Podcast 2019 Rome Temple Dedication

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