Conference Talk

Listening to General Conference is like drinking from a firehose-- there is so much to take in, you can't get it all at once. That's why our Prophet and Apostles urge us to study their messages even after Conference is over.

We discuss one (sometimes two) addresses of the most recent General Conference each episode. We talk about the context, the concepts, the highlights, and the connections of each talk.

Tune in each Saturday to hear what we're talking about this week and enjoy Conference weekend, every weekend!



Conference Talk is published anywhere you listen to podcasts. Don't see your favorite platform? Let us know and we'll add it!


S6E19: More Than a Hero (feat. Ashley Norman)

Join host Shelby and her guest Ashley as they discuss Bishop Waddell's talk, "More Than a Hero."

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S6E18: Our Constant Companion

Join The Stanfill home as they discuss President Henry�B. Eyring's talk, "Our Constant Companion". Resources: "We Can Do Better and Be Better" by President Nelson David A. Bednar | Is it the Holy…

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S6E10: Seeing God’s Family through the Overview Lens (feat. Tammie Barnett)

Join us this week as both Shelby's take to the mic with a special guest: Tammie Barnett. They discuss Sister Tamara Runia's talk, "Seeing Gods Family through the Overview Lens." These ladies discuss…

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S6E17: Our Heavenly Father Will Run to Us (feat. Brent and Aimee House)

A child, a sibling, a parent, a friend, the Parable of The Prodigal Son, is a parable to all; and quite possibly the greatest parable ever told. Sometimes in life we may go through things and…

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S6E16: For the Sake of Your Posterity

Have you or someone you know taken a break from walking the covenant path? Have you considered what impact that could not only have on you, but also on your posterity? Come and listen how it is…

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