Conference Talk

Listening to General Conference is like drinking from a firehose-- there is so much to take in, you can't get it all at once. That's why our Prophet and Apostles urge us to study their messages even after Conference is over.

We discuss one (sometimes two) addresses of the most recent General Conference each episode. We talk about the context, the concepts, the highlights, and the connections of each talk.

Tune in each Saturday to hear what we're talking about this week and enjoy Conference weekend, every weekend!



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S3 · E16 S3E16: Valiant Discipleship in the Latter Days (feat. Brad McBride)

There was so much to unpack here, this was such a fun episode, we hope you won’t even care about the weird buzzing noise in Matthew’s mic during a few minutes towards the end of the episode! =

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S3 · E15 S3E15: Do What Mattereth Most and Your Divine Nature & Eternal Destiny

Join Shelbi and Chanelle discuss two talks on this episode. Sister Cravens Talk, “Do What Mattereth Most” and Elder Renlund’s talk, “Your Divine Nature & Eternal Destiny”.

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S3 · E14 S3E14: Our Relationship with God (feat. Greg Matsen)

Greg Matsen from Cwic Media joins Matthew in discussing Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s talk, Our Relationship with God.

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S3 · E13 S3E13: We Are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (feat. Shawn Rapier)

Join Matthew and special guest Shawn Rapier as we discuss Sis. Reyna I. Aburto’s unifying talk, “We Are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Shawn brought great insights and great humor to this episode, make sure to check out his podcast, Latter-day Lives!

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S3 · E12 S3E12: Lessons At The Well and Christ Heals That Which Is Broken

Join Melissa Fugazza and Shelbi Stanfill as they discuss two talks this week, “Lessons At The Well” By Susan H. Porter and “Christ Heals That Which Is Broken” by Amy A. Wright.

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