Conference Talk

Listening to General Conference is like drinking from a firehose-- there is so much to take in, you can't get it all at once. That's why our Prophet and Apostles urge us to study their messages even after Conference is over.

We discuss one (sometimes two) addresses of the most recent General Conference each episode. We talk about the context, the concepts, the highlights, and the connections of each talk.

Tune in each Saturday to hear what we're talking about this week and enjoy Conference weekend, every weekend!



Conference Talk is published anywhere you listen to podcasts. Don't see your favorite platform? Let us know and we'll add it!


S5E16: Jesus Christ Is the Strength of Parents

Feel like you're failing at parenting? Join the club. Except it's just Matthew in the club this time = . Today we're discussing Elder Uchtdorf's talk, Jesus Christ Is the Strength of Parents.…

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S5E15: The Teachings of Jesus Christ

Follow Melissa Fugazza and recurring special guest Jennifer Roach as they discuss President Oak's amazing address where he lets the Lord Himself speak...through the scriptures.

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Shorts: Why don't I drink? Because I know the Book of Mormon is true!

If a non-member friend asks you why you don't drink coffee, you might answer by explaining the Word of Wisdom. But Pres. Nelson gives us a different approach. When asked why we we live the way we…

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S5E14: Do You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ? (feat. Greg Matsen)

Bro. Ahmad S. Corbitt of the Young Men General Presidency made waves in 2022 with his devotional address decrying "Activism Toward the Church" (ATC). This April, he was sustained as a General…

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S5E13: My Mind Caught Hold upon This Thought of Jesus Christ (feat. the sister missionaries)

Who should we invite to this episode? "Ask the missionaries, they can help!" = Matthew is joined by his branch's missionaries, Sister Duke and Sis. Howell, to discussion Elder Andersen's long-titled…

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