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S2E10: Another grab bag!

Join Michael and Melissa as we discuss two talks this episode: The Things of My Soul by Elder Ronald A. Rasband and Simply Beautiful-- Beautifully Simple by Elder Gary E. Stevenson.

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S2E9: Grab bag!

Join Kevin and Shelbi in discussing not one, not two, but three talks in this special 'grab bag' episode! We're talking about "Faith to Act and Become" by Elder Ciro Schmeil, "God's Love: The Most…

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S2E8: With the Power of God in Great Glory

Join Michael and Matthew in discussing Elder Bednar's Talk, "With the Power of God in Great Glory." We'll be talking about missionary work, temple work, what it means to be yoked with the Savior, and…

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S2E7: The Need for a Church

Join Chanelle and Andrea as we go over Pres. Oaks's talk, "The Need for a Church."

S2E6: Becoming More in Christ: The Parable of the Slope

Join us for a special episode with four hosts! Michael, Shelbi, Kevin, and Chanelle sit down and discuss "Elder Clark G. Gilbert's talk, Becoming More in Christ: The Parable of the Slope."

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