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S5E12:The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Minister / Jesus Christ Is Relief

This week the Stanfill's take to the mic! They discuss "The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Minister" by Elder Juan A. Uceda and "Jesus Christ is Relief" by President Camille N. Johnson. Resources:

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S5E11: Patriarch Blessings! (feat. Brad McBride)

Bummed about the Oceangate sub and looking for a more uplifting Titanic-related story? Look no further! Returning guest and blogger Brad McBride joins Matthew at the mics today to discuss not one but…

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S5E10: Just Keep Going-- with Faith and He Could Heal Me! (feat. Erik Wells)

Longtime friend Erik Wells joins Matthew today to discuss two talks with strong themes related to mental health: Resources

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S5E09: A Living Prophet for the Latter Days

Join The Stanfill household this week as Kevin & Shelbi discuss Allen D. Haynie's talk titled, "A Living Prophet for the Latter Days." Resources: "Prophets Can See Around Corners" by Sheri Dew. "Why…

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S5E08: Safely Gathered Home (feat. Mike Rush)

This week we're covering Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk, "Safely Gathered Home" which is all about the gathering of Israel. Which means we got to invite a guest who's a total "gathering and restoration…

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