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S5E07: There Can Be Nothing So Exquisite and Sweet as Was My Joy / Have I Truly Been Forgiven

A few days late, but that's how the Fugazza family rolls! That's right! Join regular host Melissa Fugazza and her family (Rob, Giada and Sophia), as they discuss two FANTASTIC talks from Elders…

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S5E06: Accessing God’s Power through Covenants

Melissa & Shelbi host this weeks episode by discussing Elder Renlund's address, "Accessing Gods Power through Covenants." Melissa and Shelbi are temple fans and couldn't be more obsessed with it.…

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S5E05: Peacemakers Needed!

We welcome Dr. Civility himself, Ben Pacini, to sit down with Matthew on the podcast today to discuss Pres. Nelson's loving rebuke of a talk, "Peacemakers Needed." Resources More Love, Less Contempt…

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Shorts: Death by Planning

Did you know a group of vultures is called a committee? Our committees and councils in the Church feel that way sometimes-- we huddle around a pick at a problem but rarely actually help. Pres. Ballard…

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S5E04: The Work of the Temple and Family History—One and the Same Work / A Voice of Gladness!

Shelbi & Chanelle are your hosts this week, they tackle two talks: "The Work of the Temple and Family HistoryOne and the Same Work" by Elder Benjam�n De Hoyos and "A Voice of Gladness" by Elder Kevin…

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