S3 · E2 S3E02: Missionary Service Blessed My Life Forever

Did you feel the strong missionary vibe during the April 2022 Saturday morning session? We sure did. Join Kevin and Michael in discussion Pres. M. Russell Ballard’s talk, “Missionary Service Blessed My Life Forever.”

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S3 · E1 S3E01: Preaching the Gospel of Peace and Now is the Time

Season 3 has begun! Join us as we review the April 2022 General Conference! In episode 1, Chanelle and Meg Tilton discuss the “bookend” addresses from  President Nelson: “Preaching the Gospel of Peace” and “Now Is the Time.”

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S2 · E20 S2E20: How do you Conference?

The April 2022 General Conference is here and we’re discussion our Conference traditions, highlights, and memories. Join us next week for season 3 where we got over the talks!

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S2 · E19 2E19: Trust Again

Join Melissa Fugazza and Whitnet Stortts as we discuss Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s talk, “Trust Again.”

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S2 · E18 S2E18: The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation

Join Chanelle and her husband as they discuss Pres. Nelson’s main address, “The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation.”

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