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S4E18: His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

Sis. Dennis's talk, His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light is Matthew's least favorite conference talk of all time! Frankly, he felt it was so heavy on "don't judge" that it bordered on minimizing…

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Shorts: Faith when you don't feel it

Faith and fear are opposites... right? Well, sort of. It depends how you define them. Matthew was inspired by Meg's episode a few weeks back and studied what fear and faith mean within a Gospel…

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S4E17: Lasting Discipleship / Patterns of Discipleship

On this weeks episode we have Kevin & Shelbi Stanfill discussing two talks. The first is Elder Lund's Talk titled, "Lasting Discipleship" and Elder Sitati's talk titled, "Patterns of Discipleship." If…

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Shorts: Pres. Eyring's Temple Experience

We're trying something new: Conference Talk Shorts! A mini episode about 5 minutes long, sharing a brief insight about a talk from older conference talks or devotionals. Less formal, way shorter, hope…

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S4E16: The Eternal Principle of Love

On this weeks episode Meg Tilton and guest Rhonda Farr discuss Elder Montoya's talk, "The Eternal Principle of Love." Meg & Rhonda have worked together in the professional world but now come together…

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