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S4E20: Wholehearted / We Can Do Hard Things through Him

Join as The Tilton household takes over this week as they discuss two talks this week. The first, Elder Isaac K. Morrison's talk, "We Can Do Hard Things through Him" and Michelle D. Craig's talk…

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Shorts: Efficiency paralysis-- when it just doesn't matter!

Do you sometimes experience a loss of words giving a blessing? Take heart, because so does President Oaks! Why is it we think some priesthood holders give better blessings than others? How can we give…

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S4E19: Happy and Forever

We have a special guest this episode, Carol Rice who is partnered with Public Square Magazine & TheFamilyProclimation.org! We could not think of a better expert to discuss with Kevin Elder Gong's…

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Shorts: Commanding a Submarine in the name of Jesus

Do you ever invoke the power of God outside a formal ordinance or blessing? Pres. Monson shared an insightful experience of doing just that. Resources To Learn, to Do, to Be by President Thomas S.…

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S4E18: His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

Sis. Dennis's talk, His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light is Matthew's least favorite conference talk of all time! Frankly, he felt it was so heavy on "don't judge" that it bordered on minimizing…

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