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S2E3: Come Unto Christ, and Don't Come Alone

Join Shelbi and Chanelle as they discuss Pres. Bonnie H. Cordon's talk, Come unto Christ and Don't Come Alone. Resources The Alchemist - Paul Coelho You Can Gather Israel - Elder Ahmad S. Corbitt The…

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S2E2: The Greatest Possession by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Matthew and Shelbi sit down to talk about Elder Holland's address, "The Greatest Possession." We also discuss the formation of this new, "re-launched" Conference Talk podcast and the miracles that led…

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S2E1: President Nelson's Opening and Closing Remarks

Join Matthew and Michael as we re-launch the Conference Talk podcast. This week, we're talking about Pres. Nelson's opening and closing remarks from the October 2021 General Conference.

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By Union of Feeling We Obtain Power with God - Sharon Eubank (Oct 2020)

On this episode, we begin discussing the Women's General Session by covering the talk entitled "By Union of Feeling We Obtain Power with God" by Sharon Eubank. Topics we discuss include: achieving…

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God Will do Something Unimaginable - Elder Dieter F. Utchdorf (Oct 2020)

On this episode, we discuss Elder Dieter F. Utchdorf's talk entitled "God Will do Something Unimaginable." Topics include: our destiny as children of God, the youth of the Church are an example for…

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